Full Gospel Assembly International Ministries (FGAIM) was established on October 7, 2007, with thirty congregants attending the first service. The purpose of planting this church was to provide spiritual refreshments to individuals around the Tulsa area by organizing a safe environment for worship and fellowship. The congregation consists of a predominantly Burmesespeaking population from Myanmar (Burma), located in Southeast Asia, bordering India, Bangladesh, China, Laos, and Thailand, with more than one hundred ethnic groups

Ever since FGAIM started, the Lord continued to bless His church throughout the years by bringing His people to the point that there is not enough room for the whole congregation to gather. By the grace of God, we are now able to utilize this place as our new place of worship as of March 13, 2022. The church has also been expanded across six other states in the United States and globally

We believe everyone has a place in this house as Revelation 7:9 tells us, from every nation, from all tribes and peoples and languages, standing before the throne and before the Lamb [Jesus] You belong HERE!



Welcome to Full Gospel Assembly International Ministries (FGAIM). We, Pastor Dam Mung (Senior Pastor) and Pastor Vung Niang (Associate Pastor & Secretary), are so glad that you are here. When our family moved to Tulsa, the Lord gave us the vision to serve our people who emigrated from Myanmar (Burma). The Lord showed us that many Burmese people would arrive in the U.S through the United Nationswork to aid refugees. Since then, we knew that our people would need spiritual guidance, a helping hand that they can rely on, and a place to call home as they resettle in this country. In their pain and loneliness, it is our mission to guide them with the love of Christ in a Spiritfilled house of the Lord, where they can find rest

On 2007 October 7, the Lord led us to plant FGAIM church in Tulsa. For this reason, our vision is for the people who come here to leave Holy Spiritfilled as they experience the presence of the Lord. Our prayer is that everyone would find the rest that they need from their daily toils through our anointed Praise & Worship and the preaching of the Word. We strongly believe that Jesus is our everything who can help us meet our needs and lighten the burden of our hearts in the presence of God. As you worship with us, may the Lord touch you and be with you! May the Lord heal you, bless you, and fill you with His Spirit. You are a part of God’s family. Welcome Home


Full Gospel Assembly (FGA) originally started in Myanmar in 1987 with five people. God gave Pastor Mung a vision to serve his people through the full gospel as stated in 3 John 2, Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul pros- pers.Through the preaching of the full gospel, the nation of Myanmar will become a Christian nation, in which every tribe and people in it will acknowledge Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior

Since then, the main church in Myanmar has had more than thirty outreach locations across the city of Yangon and more than eighty churches planted across Myanmar. Our global churches include: one church in Singapore, one church in Malaysia, three church- es in Australia, and seven churches in the United States

In addition, FGA also runs a bible training, Full Gospel Bible Training Center (FGBTC), in Yangon since 1996, an orphanage (ElShaddai), and a school of worship. As the Lord blessed His church with the ongoing growth in number and size, higher and better than ever anticipated, we are excited to see Him continue to do remarkable things through His people


  1. Rev. Dr. Dam Suan Mung  –Senior Pastor  
  2. Rev. Vung Za Niang – A.P & Secretary 
  3. Rev. Pau Khan Mung – Associate Pastor(A.P
  4. Rev. Bukai Ayarla – Pastor
  5. Rev. Thawng En Thang – Pastor
  6. Rev. Gin Sawm Piang – Pastor
  7. Rev. Cinthang Gualnam – Pastor
  8. Pastor  Mung Lian Kim – Pastor
  9. Pastor Piang Siam Lian – Pastor 



Triune God Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. Creator of Heaven and Earth


Conceived by the Holy Spirit, born of a virgin. Fully God, Fully Man. Suffered, crucified, died, and buried. On the third day, He rose again from the dead and ascended into heaven. He will come back to judge the living and the dead

The Holy Spirit 

The Holy Spirit leads us to believe in Jesus, helps us to have a Christlike character, and we believe the gifts of the Spirits in the early church are still available today

The Bible 

The Bible is the inspired and infallible Word of God, revealing the will of God


Created in the image of God; fell into sin; and the only hope for redemption is Jesus


Only by grace we (humanity) are saved through faith in Jesus

Heaven & Hell 

Eternal communion with God in heaven for those who accept Jesus as Lord and savior 

Eternal punishment in hell for those who reject the free gift of Jesus

The Church 

The communion of the saints to strengthen each other, and to work together in love and unity for the ultimate purpose of glorifying Christ.